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These new tea towels are officially now my second favourite thing in the kitchen behind wine." Rosie Waterland

"Just because I live alone doesn't mean I don't sometimes need a gentle reminder to tidy up."   Jackie

"God Bless my new Kitchen Language Tea Towels!! Now I can leave my housemate a big note, that will help him achieve the task of washing up!!"   Clare Verrall

"Our super charming Kitchen Language Tea Towels just arrived in the mail & we love it, check them out!"   BRKLYN QRTRS

"Merry Christmas from Robbie who on the surface is offended by his new tea towel, but underneath is suitably impressed and excited to wash the dishes!!!!" Jane

"This is the greatest tea towel ever invented." Christian Hull

"Kitchen Language your tea-towels rock!" @liveinyellow01

"I don't normally get excited about such mundane things as tea towels, but when they're this good , it's hard not to!" Leon

"Proud owner of her new Kitchen Language tea towels! I've never seen someone so happy!" K Flack

"It's an honour to work with such a cool chick. Your tea towels are one of my best selling items."  Inappropriate Gift Co (official stockist)

"THE MOST EXCITING MAIL ARRIVED TODAY" Fox and Plum (official stockist New Zealand)

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