30 New Swear Words To Whip Out When You’re Next Losing Your Shit

30 New Swear Words To Whip Out When You’re Next Losing Your Shit


Are you sick of using the same old boring swear words? Or do you have precious fucks around you telling you to stop swearing?

 Well, the Kitchen Language Instagram audience have come up with some hilarious new swear words, combining an animal with a swear word and the results are funting hilarious!

Top 30 animal swear combos

  1. Albatosser
  2. Bitchasaur
  3. Cockafuck
  4. Cuntapus
  5. Cuntaroo
  6. Cuntasaurus Rex
  7. Cuntchicken
  8. Cunterpillar
  9. Cuntoala
  10. Cuntoctopus
  11. Cuntweasel
  12. Dickray
  13. Dickrot
  14. Donkeyslut
  15. Ducuntgong
  16. Ecuntna
  17. Fuckalah
  18. Fuckaphant
  19. Fuckcod
  20. Hippopotafuck
  21. Kangacunt
  22. Meercunt
  23. Octopiss
  24. Pelicunt
  25. Pissopus
  26. Pussyfuck
  27. Shitzard
  28. Slutopotamus
  29. Stingshit
  30. Wombcunt

 So, the next time you are getting by lazy housemates or family members, are cut off in traffic by selfish shunts, burn your finger while cooking the 78th dish for ungrateful family fluckers, try one of the following words to get your frustration out.

You’re welcome Ecuntas!

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