Funny stubby holder sober or drunk mother fucker

Sober Mother Fucker/Drunk Mother Fucker foldable stubby holder

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Funny stubby holder - Sober Mother Fucker /Drunk Mother Fucker 

This funny stubby holder can hold your favourite soft drink or your favourite boozy beverage. Perfect for the designated driver, non drinker or two pot screamer!

When it comes to gag gifts for men, our Sober Mother Fucker/Drunk Mother Fucker stubby holders make the perfect gift for any occasion and at only $12, it's cheaper than a pint out! 

Stubby holder features

Double sided...Side 1: Sober Mother Fucker Side 2: Drunk Mother Fucker

Foldable so it fits perfectly in your back pocket

Taped and stitched seam

Product Details

Dimensions: Approx 100mm x 105mm

Material: Neoprene 3mm thickness.

Origin: Designed in Australia. Made in China.